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Video Library

Session 1 

Accept One Another (Available again 11/18-11/24)

Session 2 

Bear With One Another (Available again 11/18-11/24)

Session 3 

Serve One Another (Available again 11/18-11/24)

Save these Dates:

Week 1: Accept One Another | October 21-27 Read Chapter 8 | p. 11 in the Study Guide  

Week 2: Bear with One Another | October 28-November 3 Read Chapter 5 | p. 33 in the Study Guide  

Week 3: Serve One Another | November 4-10 Read Chapter 7 | p. 55 in the Study Guide  

Week 4: Forgive One Another | November 11-17 Read Chapter 10 | p. 79 in the Study Guide  

Wrap Up + Catch Up: Sessions 1-4 Videos Available | November 18-24 Read about The Happiness Challenge | p. 161 in the Study Guide  

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